AWI Tax Consulting

Japanese tax and accounting services
for foreign-affiliated companies and non-Japanese
Accurate and clear advisory services in English

AWI Principles

Strong support for foreign-affiliated companies with business development in Japan from tax and accounting perspective.

Now a huge number of foreign-affiliated companies and non-Japanese nationals are establishing businesses in Japan. Yet, Japanese tax law is not "Non-Japanese friendly" because of the limited information available in English and the complexity of Japanese tax system. AWI Tax Consulting prides itself on providing accurate, clear, and tailor-made tax/accounting services.


Strengths of AWI Tax Consulting

Acting with Integrity

Integrity is our core value. We define integrity as honesty, courtesy, and responsibility. Tax knowledge and experience described below are merely techniques for acting with integrity. We always make sure that our action is complying with the core value, and we do not take any action that could possibly compromise this.

Tax knowledge and experience

We are not just an English-speaking bookkeeper. Our extensive technical foundation is our tax knowledge and solid experience. For instance, we have thoroughly studied what is stated in the tax law and experienced what is not. We believe these enable us to provide our clients with the best tax advice for various situations.

Advice that takes into account not only the Japan subsidiary but also its foreign parent company

Foreign-affiliated Japanese subsidiaries often have transactions with their foreign parent company, such as providing services to or paying dividends to the parent company, and these transactions have tax consequences also for the parent company. We provide advice considering not only Japanese taxation but also the taxation in the home country of the foreign parent company (in the case of dividends, foreign dividend exemption rule in the home country).

Streamlined service

When establishing a company in Japan, a string of procedures such as accounting, taxation, bank account opening, social insurance, and legal matters are all required.
We are glad to provide one-stop, streamlined services through extensive collaboration with various specialists.