AWI Tax Consulting



Here is a reference from Ryohei Yanagihara’s former supervisor and feedback from our clients.

  • Endo Tax Accountant Office

    Former Deputy Senior Partner at KPMG Tax Corporation

      • Mr. Endo Tatsuya
      • Japanese Certified Public Tax Accountant
      I worked with Mr. Yanagihara at KPMG Tax Corporation from April 2012 to June 2019, where he provided tax advice and tax return preparation services for Japanese listed and foreign companies. As a result of over seven years of hard work, he has developed into a tax professional with broader knowledge of Japanese taxation and has become one of my most trusted colleagues.
      I am confident that he will continue to provide high quality services to his clients as a tax professional with integrity.
  • EarthShift Global

    A leader in LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) and sustainability consulting, software, and training

      • Ms. Lise Laurin
      • CEO and Founder
      EarthShift Global is a leader in LCA and sustainability consulting, software, and training. We empower organizations to confidently make impactful, fact-based decisions that profitably shift their organizational and sustainability performance.
      We were looking for English speaking tax/accounting service firm in Japan and decided to ask AWI. AWI does monthly bookkeeping directly into our U.S.-based accounting software, rather than Japanese accounting software. Also, AWI can communicate to our US accountant directly. These practices are very helpful.
      • Mr. Kiyotada Hayashi
      • Senior Sustainability Advisor; Director, EarthShift Global, Asia
      I am the director of the Japanese subsidiary (EarthShift Global, Asia) of the EarthShift Global group. I had never been involved in taxation or accounting before, but Mr. Yanagihara explained Japanese taxation and accounting in a simple way that even a non-accounting professional like me could understand. He also communicates directly with our parent company in the U.S., which is very helpful.
  • i-5O

    Measuring and improving manual production processes using AI powered vision systems.

      • Mr. Albert Kao
      • CEO & Co-Founder
      i-5O is a Silicon Valley based start-up that has developed a proprietary AI vision powered digital twin to help manufacturers track, measure and improve their manual production processes.
      We entrust AWI Tax Consulting with all our bookkeeping and tax matters in Japan, and they even handle communication with a Japanese bank when necessary. They communicate with us entirely in English, including emails and phone calls, and provide English versions of tax computations for Japanese Corporation tax and Consumption tax filings, helping to minimize language barriers.

    Delivering performance-focused gaming peripherals. Aiming to develop and build gaming gear that is top of its league.

      • Mr. Andreas Wagner
      • Finance Manager
      WALLHACK creates top-quality gaming peripherals that boosts performance and confidence. Our focus is on enhancing the gaming lifestyle through delivering only the best products.
      In Japan, we sell gaming peripherals to end users via FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) and from our own webshop and have asked AWI Tax Consulting for support with Japan Consumption Tax (JCT) return filing.
      The JCT return submitted to the Japan Tax Office is prepared in Japanese, but AWI provides us with an English JCT calculation sheet so that we can understand the content and context of the tax return. Additionally, even if we are in a JCT refund position due to the occurrence of Import JCT, AWI arranges for a smooth JCT refund by communicating effectively with the Japanese Tax Office and preparing/submitting the appropriate additional supporting documents on our behalf. AWI also works on cash handling (payment of JCT payable and receipt of JCT refund) in a timely manner through their Tax Agent service.
      Therefore, we are very grateful for AWI's support regarding JCT compliance work and fully trust AWI.
  • Yordas Group

    A leading provider of scientific, environmental, human health, global regulatory and sustainability consulting services

      • Dr. Fionnuala Schultz,
      • Chief Financial Officer
      Yordas Group is a leading provider of scientific, environmental, human health, global regulatory and sustainability consulting services. We have international capability with supporting offices and representation in North America, Asia and Europe, and commercial activities across 40 countries. To support our expansion and the incorporation of our Japanese subsidiary, we needed a tax/accounting firm who could guide us through the requirements of the Japanese tax system and communicate complex matters to our international Directors in English.
      We are delighted with our decision to work with Ryohei and AWI Tax Consulting. Throughout the incorporation process and continuing to this day, Ryohei clearly communicated the compliance requirements and supported us not only with tax/accounting services, but also in other areas such as opening a Japanese bank account and providing local representation when required. Thanks to Ryohei, we successfully incorporated Yordas KK and are very grateful for his support. He is professional and friendly, and we are always happy to work with him.